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Twill Cotton

A true champion of the classics, it's the most comfortable material of them all.

Origins of Cotton

Grown from a soft, fluffy boll that's cultivated all over the world - that's even made it to the far side of the moon - cotton is by far one of the oldest and most widespread materials around.

Usually planted in the spring, it is a perennial that lives on year after year and keeps growing. With evidence of use in the old world before 5000 BC, it sits firmly near the top of the most resilient fabrics around.

What Does It Do?

Cotton is super lightweight and durable and as a result, is one of the best base materials there is. The soft-to-the-touch quality ensures comfort and cosiness with every wear.

With its roots in the neolithic period, cotton is a reliable, weather-proof insulator that's perfect at any moment and for every occasion.

The comfortable yet flexible stretch makes cotton the perfect fabric to use in all garments, along with its hypoallergenic properties that make it a flawless favourite.

With the prominently high tensile strength of the twill weave, it's able to withstand multiple washes without a problem.

Sustainable Farming

We only source our cotton from organic crops which haven't been adulterated by genetic modification. This gives an experience as similar to the original cotton that we strive to implement. By cutting out the use of pesticides and other chemicals, we can ensure all our garments are held to a higher standard and free from allergens.


Silver Fibres

Patented fibres made from Pure Silver are woven directly into the Cotton.

How it works

The Cotton is intertwined with threads of our patented Silver fibers that weave in and out to ensure full coverage.

When any part of the Silver touches a bacterial cell, it breaks down its cell wall until the bacteria is no longer able to function, effectively rendering it inactive and unable to produce the pungent smell that comes when it feeds on your sweat unhindered.

Method of Application

Our patented Silver fibers are made from a specialist design allowing them to be woven directly into the fabric. During manufacture, the Cotton fibers are intertwined with our patented Silver fibers to ensure each and every surface is covered.