Designed in England

Our Story

We founded BeClothed because we wanted to create products that are comfortable, look great and are better for the environment.

We believe it is our mission to reinvent the relationship you have with your everyday wear. We do this by making clothing that is not only good for you but for the world too. Our clothes are designed to eliminate odour, thereby requiring you to wash them less often, leading to less wasted water, energy and wear on your clothes.

Born out the frustration that our clothes would never be the way we wanted, we set out to disrupt an outdated industry which is focused on planned obsolescence, the practice of intentionally and artificially limiting the useful life of a product for the purpose of driving more sales, something we're completely against.

We’re dedicated to crafting high-quality timeless products designed to last (and, hence, reduce waste). Our products are made from some of the best materials and are intentionally designed to last for years.

Comfort, Hygiene and Versatility

The three pillars of everything we make are underscored by comfort, hygiene and versatility. We believe that every single thing you wear should be the best version that exists. 

Our main focus above all is comfort, because who's going to wear something that doesn't feel great? Whether it's made from the Silver threaded Twill Cotton or the super soft Merino Wool with Silver ions, we try our hardest to give your clothes that extra cosy feel. You can read all about the ingredients we use for all our garments on the "Our Materials" page.

Hygiene is the second of our pillars which is a huge part of our culture as many clothes get smelly very easily and need washing after every single wear which ultimately leads to degradation. Our garments don't smell for up to five days, so you can pack light on that weekend away and come back wearing the clothes you went in (so you've got plenty of space for presents).

Last but by no means the least, versatility. We believe everything you buy should withstand everything you do, so whether you're at work, at the gym or even on a hike, all our clothing is made to withstand any environment so you won't need any athletic or smart versions of your clothes to take up more room in your wardrobe.