Touch Tool

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A versatile tool to handle all the surfaces you don't want to touch. 

Be more hygienic as you open doors & press buttons without touching them

Press, pop, pull and sign with ease.

Antimicrobial Brass
63% Copper
37% Zinc

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The World's Cleanest Touch Tool

Our touch tools are made from pure Antibacterial Brass and focus on socially distancing you from germs in the places you touch the most.

Our super clean Brass ensures cleanliness and provides all-round protection from germs.

Made From

Antibacterial Brass

Brass, an alloy of Copper, is one of the most antibacterial compounds known to man. The common use in many medical and health applications give it celebrity status in the field of cleanliness.

The inherent germ killing properties of Brass allow it to destroy microbes to a high degree of efficiency, no matter where you find them.


Perfect Pointer


Bottle Popper


Handle Holder

Invisible Touch

Use it as a stylus to touch, swipe or sign your name carefree throughout the day with the touch tool in your hands.

Purposeful Weight

Resting at just two ounces, - a little over fifty grams - means you’ll always feel its presence alongside your keys.

Safe Stowage

Your touch tool is small enough to store wherever you need to, so its always where you need it at a moment’s notice.