Silver Undies

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Comfy women's underwear that doesn't smell and keeps you fresh downstairs, all day long.

Made with you in mind for a clean and cozy day, without breaking a sweat. 

25% Pure Silver
58% Twill Cotton
11% Nylon
6% Spandex

Garments have needs too, here's how you care for them:

- Machine wash (at any temperature)
- Tumble dry (or any other method)
- Ironing is not necessary

Note: Please measure from the Hips.

Hips Inches Centimeters
Small 34 - 37 86 - 94
Medium 38 - 40 96 - 101
Large 41 - 44 104 - 111
XL 45 - 48 114 - 121
XXL 49 - 52 124 - 132

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The World's Comfiest Undies

Our undies are made from pure Silver, so they'll ensure your downstairs stays odour-free and clean, all day long.

Our twill cotton is designed to keep your downstairs as comfortable as possible while our Silver keeps you free from odour.

Made from

Twill Cotton

Cotton is super lightweight and durable and as a result, is one of the best base materials there is. The soft-to-the-touch quality ensures comfort and cosiness with every wear.

The comfortable yet flexible stretch makes cotton the perfect fabric to use in all garments, along with its hypoallergenic properties that make it a flawless favourite.


Silver Fibers

The Cotton is intertwined with threads of our patented Silver fibers that weave in and out to ensure full coverage.

When any part of the Silver touches a bacterial cell, it breaks down its cell wall until the bacteria is no longer able to function, effectively rendering it inactive and unable to produce the pungent smell that comes when it feeds on your sweat unhindered.

High Density

Silver Mesh


Moisture Wicking


Natural Flora

Secure Band

No more rolling, folding or indents. Our cleverly designed bands stay put so you’ll find them exactly as you left them.

Climate Control

Our custom Silver fibres modulate the temperature downstairs to precent overheating during any activity.

Intercrossed Stitching

Made to last, each detail is carefully double stitched at the focal points, both inside and out.